Creative Corner


Great job! Well done! You’re awesome! People love compliments and we love doling them out. Next time you’re in the store check out our free compliments, we’ve got a compliment that’s meant just for you! And if you’re feeling the love why not leave a compliment for someone else? Take a compliment, leave a compliment, live a happy life.

Although we’re big ice ice cream fans, we love sweet treaCandy Cornerts of every kind and are happy to share our famous “Candy Corner” with our guests. Full of fun snacks like fill-a-bag taffy, coconut patties and gator gummies are goodies you can only buy in Florida!

Our store windows change seasonally, and we love thinking of fun new way to decorate. If you’re feeling creative we’ve got some awesome St. Pete post cards you can fill out and send to loved ones all over the world. We also have several dry-erase walls children of all ages can have fun with, when words are not enough to express your love of all things ice cream.